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- 1/3 Welcome Nick to the lab to start his leave-term research!



- 8/28 Huge congrats to Andrew on being awarded as an Innovation Fellow! 

- 7/1 Welcome back Tom! Officially starting his PhD thesis in the lab!

- 6/6 Congrats to Nick graduating with Honors with his Senor Fellowship thesis, another big milestone!


  Nick with his favorite instrument and farewell lunch at his favorite restaurant in Vermont!

- 6/1 Officially welcome Andrew back to start his thesis work, stay tuned one some exciting SWI/SNF work.

- 5/30 Congrats to Warren on getting the leave-term grant, we are excited to have you in the lab full time this summer!

- 5/30 Congrats to Alice, Rebeca, T.T., and William on being awarded with the Presidential Scholar.


- 4/15 Luke and Nick attended AACR 2023 annual meeting and presented their work on ARID1A.










- 3/20 welcome to the lab, Warren, Charles, Sajjad, Ava!


- 1/5 Welcome to the lab, Sudi!


- 12/15 Our latest paper on Cooperation of chromatin remodeling SWI/SNF complex and pioneer factor AP-1 shapes 3D enhancer landscapes is online in Nature Molecular & Structural Biology. Congrats to lead authors: Ben and Andrew!

- 12/5 Welcome back to the lab for winter rotation, Andrew!

- 9/1 Welcome Barbara for her fall rotation!

- 8/31 Congrats to Alex and Alice being awarded as UGAR Scholars! 


- 7/29 Lab hiking at Mt.Cardigan!



- 6/20 Welcome Tom from the MD/PhD program to the lab for his first research rotation!


- 6/9 - Congratulations to Sophie for winning the 2022 Robert N. Leaton Prize for Best Written Neuroscience Thesis!

- 6/6 - Congratulations to Nick for being appointed as a Senior Fellow!

- 5/17 Congratulations to Sophie on passing her honor's thesis defense!

- 3/28 Huge congrats to Nick on winning the Goldwater Scholarship! One of the oldest and most prestigious national scholarships in the natural sciences, engineering, and mathematics!

- 3/10: Andrew got into the MCB graduate program!!!

- 2/23: Congrats to Nick on being selected as a Neukom Scholar!


- 12/3: Welcome Tyler and Huijuan, who started their winter term rotation in the lab!


- 10/25: Welcome Cameron, who joined the lab as a Research Associate after graduating from University of Leeds!

- 10/15: The lab went for a 9.6-mile hike at Mount Lafayette!





​- 10/1: CONGRATS to Andrew on being promoted to Research Associate II!

- 8/5: CONGRATS to Ruoyun on passing her qualification exam!! 


- 5/24: CONGRATS to Nick being accepted as a James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar!


- 4/1: The Wang lab was awarded an R01 grant from NCI!


- 3/22: CONGRATS to Matt getting awarded a Sophomore Research Scholarship!

- 3/12: CONGRATS to Jake getting a full scholarship to Columbia Medical School!

- 2/15: Welcome Hanxu, started her winter term rotation in the lab!


- 12/01: Welcome Jason McFadden '22 and Matthew Lutchko '23 to the lab!

- 11/15: Welcome Bernice, started her winter term rotation in the lab!

- 08/01: We bid a fond farewell to Harrison and Ben, wish them best luck at Deloitte and Harvard!

- 07/01: Welcome Ruoyun, who officially joined the lab, as the second graduate student in the Wang Lab!

- 06/29: ​We virtually welcomed Nicholas Sugiarto '23 to the lab.

- 06/22: Welcome Andrew, who joined the lab as a Research Associate after graduating from Colby College!

- 04/01: CONGRATULATIONS to Ben, who has accepted an offer from Harvard BBS program to start his PhD this fall. We are so proud of you!

- 04/05: CONGRATULATIONS to Stephan, who has accepted an offer from Harvard ChemBio program to start his PhD this fall!

- 01/01: The Wang Lab has been awarded with a research grant from the Andrew McDonough B+ (Be Positive) Foundation to study the function of SWI/SNF complex in pediatric malignant rhabdoid tumors.


- 11/01: Ruoyun and Maddie, 1st graduate students from MCB, started their winter rotation, welcome!

- 07/01: Sophia '22, started her summer internship in the lab, she is supposed by the DORR program, welcome!

- 06/01: We welcome back Luke Deary, who has officially joined our lab, and become the first graduate student of the Wang Lab!

- 04/23: Our work on BRD9 and novel SWI/SNF subcomplex is now out at Nature Communications!


- 02/01: Chenhui, Haleema and Leena, 1st year students from MCB, started their spring rotation, welcome!

- 01/02: Jacob '20, started a full-time winter term research in the lab after spending a term in Cuba, welcome Jake!

- 09/01: Luke Deary, 1st year student from PEMM, started rotation, welcome!


- 08/01: Harrison Hawk joined the lab as Research Associate, welcome!

- 07/02: The Wang Lab welcomes its first lab member — Ben! 

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