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Chromatin Remodeling SWI/SNF complex in Cancer


Mammalian SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex has been found to be mutated in many different cancers arising from nearly every tissue type in the body, and in total is mutated in more than 25% of all human cancers. Despite the prevalence of SWI/SNF mutations, the contributions of these alterations to tumorigenesis remain unclear. 

The central focus of our laboratory is to determine the roles of major SWI/SNF subunits, such as ARID1A, in regulating protein complex assembly and the impact of various complex compositions on chromatin targeting. We use a combination of biochemical, genomic, and epigenomic assays to understand the functions of these complexes using various model systems, with the ultimate goal of understanding the fundamental epigenetic mechanism(s) by which loss of chromatin regulatory subunits drives tumor development.


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